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Networking is a fundamental value of NABA's foundation. Networking skills are critical for success in any workplace. NABA's events provide ample opportunity for you to refine your networking skills and step into the business world.


Attending a NABA workshop provides you with the opportunity to have your resume reviewed by a professional before a job fair or an interview


NABA offers numerous events throughout the semester that allow students to discuss common and current issues that affect the corporate world with business professionals



We are in constant communication with Minneapolis based firms ranging from the Big 4 to mid-tier and locally-based practices


Attend a NABA social event to build your network by meeting other NABA members, professionals and recruiters 

Online Resources

This website will provide relevant information to both students and recruiters. Stay tuned to our website and social media platforms for more information

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the naba roadmap

As you strive to secure an internship throughout your college career, you will be able to network and develop yourself professionally. The map below demonstrates the typical recruiting timeline for a NABA member.


It all starts with the weekly meetings we hold. NABA facilitates this professional settings to allow students to make connections with professionals and to gain insight on different companies 


A variety of our sponsors host leadership programs for students in their sophomore and junior year. This is a great way to get acquainted with the company culture, and acquire invaluable experience  as you build skills alongside  hundreds of other students countrywide.


Whether it is an alumni, our professional network or even a referral, NABA's close-knit community allows you to foster the right connections, preparing you for interviews and after 8 weeks, we hope your future career starts becoming more of a reality.


Through a membership, NABA hopes to provide you the right resources to accomplish this home run by the time you graduate from college. 

What our members think

NABA is amazing and I love NABA because they provide a lot of networking opportunities. It is just an amazing space to be in as a student of color at the University of Minnesota  Muanya Onyuike: Editor 2016-2017
NABA is a great place┬áto meet different black professionals and gain confidence in the business world  Shayla Thacker
I am a member of NABA because I am a student at Carlson School of Management. Even though I am not an accounting major, I still like that it is a good space for students of color in business  Cianna Edwards: Class of 2016
To me, NABA means Family. I joined NABA to have a family of black students who are also professionals, to lead and help me grow  Amara : Member of the Year 2015-2016

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