our goals

  • To develop and strengthen the professional skills of our members
  • To support minority students’ pursuit into the accounting, finance, and other business professions
  • To establish stream of consciousness concerning the issues of minorities in Corporate America, coupled with strategic methods of overcoming such barriers.
  • To provide opportunities for members to fulfill their civic responsibility

our mission

"NABA is a diverse student organization that provides professional development through academic
support and resources for students of all backgrounds and majors."

what we do

We host many recruiting events throughout the year giving students the opportunity to meet professionals, hear about the types of work they perform, and develop their own ideas about what interests them the most.
We provide recruiting opportunities, but only you can turn them into networking events.  As you meet professionals, you will build connections with them through emails and speaking with them again at future events.  Networking is perhaps the most valuable reward of membership in NABA as it is a skill which will facilitate the completion of your future professional goals and will provide you the best contacts for securing a position at your desired place of employment.
weekly events     
We host various info sessions and social events where you will make and build connections with other NABA members and professionals. We also host weekly study sessions to make sure that our members succeed academically        
We host various workshops throughout the year to provide our members with the resources they need to succeed academically and become successful professionals. Our workshops cover topics ranging from networking tips to salary negotiation tactics.           
Immediately increase your network today by applying for the mentorship program.  As a mentee, you will benefit from the guidance of a NABA professional member who can advise you on classes, recruiting, networking, and any other concerns you have.          
resumé Critique
We hold Resume Critique sessions every semester. Our sponsors and the NABA Executive Board can critique your resume to help you secure an interview with the company you  like.